Privacy Tools

The following options are made available to you as a part of the European General Data Protection (GDPR) which comes/came into effect on May 25th 2018.

This page allows the following sections of the GDPR to be made available to you:

Please identify yourself via e-mail

Any request to remove your data from our systems will be processed as soon as we can and you will be notified when this is done.

  • Any historical data we need to keep will be anonimized where possible.
  • Your account within our system will be shut down and you will need to re-register with us to use our services once more
    • If your old account is needed to refer to historical orders that we legally need to retain etc..  your account will be retained, but the username and other details will be anonimized where possible and a random password assigned to the account.
    • Where we do retain and anonimize your account – it cannot be re-activated.